Resume or Pitch Deck?

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

A story is a story is a story. Kind of depends on format and how far you need to go. Do you need to sell yourself, a product or service, or your company? When you are looking for a job, you write your resume according to CAR story format; Challenge, Action and Result. If you are looking for jobs for your product, you develop a "pitch deck".

Story bridges the gap between looking for a job and looking for a job for your product. If you need to develop new products or services, let people interact with pain points as though they were the agents for solution of the pain. Their observations about what they had to do manually to provide solutions become specifications for products and services.

What you are doing now might not look like it will scale up to where you want to go. You want to be a big lion with a big roar but for right now you are a cub. Here's something I realized recently and I hope it helps. Let's say you finally get good at time management. That enables you to grow. You find partners to help with further growth. They adopt your same time management methods. All of a sudden your time management methods need to take the next step and become project management. Because you started well in time management, the previously daunting project management becomes possible.

Scaling up from your resume to a business plan and product pitch

The following table illustrates how starting with a clear story can grow you into the need to expand that story into asking for money to grow your business.

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