Frequently Asked Questions


These FAQs anticipate the questions you will have about us. Our answers are about how we can best develop and conversation and serve you. Contact us to move your questions and our answers toward results.

 01  What is the mission of Redeemed Strategies?

Joke: Maybe one of your worst teachers had been Miss Givings. Now though you are stuck on some misgivings, not moving ahead as far or fast as needed. Our mission is to bring freedom and progress to you. After a breakthrough of "I don't have to live like this any more" life can open up in great ways.

 02  Where did the name Redeemed Strategies come from?

In Genesis 28:12, Jacob had a dream in which angels were ascending and descending on a ladder. First they were descending from heaven, hopefully with redemptive answers. Then they were ascending, most likely with questions. We seek to help people meet in the middle, getting answers to their questions and then move forward.

 03  What are your methods?

We see a lot of power in helping someone clarify their story. The hero’s journey is a quick path to the desires of our hearts. The priority result you want from counseling, coaching and mentoring is more clarity in your story. Of course, the client has to get off and stay off victim triangle and commit to the hero’s journey. You probably need substantial progress toward goals to do that so we intend to provide timely, tangible results. Those results could include market research or help with a website and social media.

 04  Please describe your service levels.

  • Power to Move is life coaching. We help you get past “stuck”. You may have been sidelined due to age discrimination (or some other kind), having earned a degree that is not as marketable as you hoped, been out of the workplace for a while, whatever. There is something in you that is still valuable, relevant and marketable.

  • Power to Move Up is all about developing and implanting a business idea. We help with market research and the loneliness of being a startup entrepreneur.

  • Power to Run is where we research on your company data and goals and other data to move toward profit, efficiency and sustainability. Tools used here would be R (The R Project for Statistical Computing), Kumu, Insight Maker, Doxsera DB, Linkedin, Sales Navigator and others as needed and available. The emphasis here is on software that is inexpensive and accessible so that results can be turned over to the client if they so choose. With these you can get off to a great start.

 05  Please describe your unique approach.

Entrepreneurs, especially solos, need the encouragement of quick tangible results. Having a supportive relationship "in their corner" would be great during some of the tough times. We adapted agile methods from software development to coaching. Much of coaching is too much like waterfall development where we move toward results in a slow, linear sequential manner. In Power to Move we sort through negative self-talk while developing an elevator speech that works for both client and their hearer starting with client's favorite stories. That speech should develop word-of-mouth. Doing great word-of-mouth is your higher priority than coming up with a newsletter or blog every week and hoping someone reads it. Next, in Power to Move Up, the clear message can become the culture and marketing message of a company. When used repeatedly this message becomes the branding of the company. In Power to Move Up, we apply analytical techniques to go for growth. Any one client can iterate from one service to the next or revisit a service as needed.